siberXchange Live is an online summit that will recreate the in-person conference experience across a virtual ecosystem. As COVID-19 has displaced numerous businesses and communities, this is a smarter and safer avenue to connect experts with the businesses and communities that need their services. From addressing the surge in COVID-19 ransomware to effectively solutioning access, this is the summit of the hour.

Senior Manager
Co Founder
Sr. Manager Application Security
Former Commander, U.S. Cyber Command and Director
Partner, Cybersecurity and Privacy Lead
Technical Director Canada
Head Architect, Ontario Health
Project and Research Lead
Solutions Architect
International Keynote Speaker
Associate Partner, X-Force Cloud Security Services,
Program Manager Developer Jumpstart
Senior Managing Consultant
Manager, Business Technology Risk and Information Security
Head of Application Security
Director of Product Management
Vice President
Co-Founder and CEO
Global Application Security Consultant
Executive Vice President
Managing Director
Program Manager
Managing Partner
Sr. Sales Engineer
Senior Consultant
CISO in Residence
Dean, Chairperson Advisory Council
Fire Department Chief
Manager of Applied Research Business Development
Director, Information Security and Compliance
Co-Founder and Lead Instructor
Manager of Information Technology
Country Manager
VP of Platform Architecture
Executive Director
Principal Information Security
Executive Director
Asst. Professor and Industry Expert in Residence, Department of Computer Science
President & CEO
Professor, Research Director
Research Chair and Director Digital Integration Centre of Excellence
Senior Manager, Digital Innovation & Information Technology
Senior Technical Staff Member
Academic Outreach Leader
Leader in Cybersecurity Field and Co-Founder
Minister of Finance
IT Advisor
Employer Service Consultant
Chief Information Officer
Executive Director
Cloud Security Service Lead
Co-founder and CEO
President & CEO
Director of Enterprise Risk and Compliance
President and CEO
Senior SANS Instructor & Author
Deputy Mayor
Manager, Business Development & Expedited Services Niagara Economic Development
Sr. Industry Specialist, Security and Compliance
Subscriptions and Periodicals
Emerging Security Research Liaison
Director of Operational Outcomes
Marketing and Economic Development
Director, Transformation Strategy
Education, Business and Community Development Coordinator
Executive Director
CEO and Founder
Associate Partner, Identity and Access Management
Affiliate Leader
Vice President of IT
Director, Security Operations
Risk Executive Advisor and Founder
CTO for Strategy, Innovation, and Security
Acting Director, Recruitment & Partnerships
Computer Security Engineer
Co-Founder and CEO
CEO and Co-founder
Chief Security Officer
Security Researcher
Senior Director of Products and Solutions
VP of Sales Engineering
Sr. Manager of Offensive Security
Cyber Threat Analyst
Product Marketing
Broadband Program Manager
Security Gamification Engineer
Admissions and Recruitment Specialist
Founder and CEO
Online Learning Recruitment Officer
Director of Corporate Policy & Strategic Initiatives
Senior Vice-President & CISO
President and Co-Founder
Director, Treasurer
Director of Cyber Security
Director of Community
Threat Intelligence Analyst
National Senior Policy Advisor
Sr. Leader, Worldwide Business Development
SVP Product, Demisto
Global Chief Information Security Officer
AI and Machine Learning Systems Architect
Visual Designer
Founder and CEO
Senior Consultant
Integration and Test Engineer
Global Director Security, Risk and Compliance
Director, Recruitment & Partnerships
Security Architect
Security Operations Engineer
Director, Data Security, UEM & Zero Trust Offering Management
Information Security Manager
Global Director of Enterprise Endpoint and Security Products
Software and Chaos Engineer Advocate
VP of Information Security, & CISO

This opening keynote will kick off siberXchange live - learn from Canada's very best innovators on how best to secure your business in the new normal!

This session will look at how AWS is powering innovations in healthcare for municipalities across the world!

Securing Mental Health - Powered by ConnexHealth

This session starts at 11:00 AM.

Continuity of Operations Amidst COVID-19 | Powered by ShiftLink

Malware & Ransomware | Powered by TrendMicro

Business Continuity Opening Keynote - "The Internet Is Everything" The C-Level Mandate for Secure Cloud Transformation

The new way of work is remote, mobile-first, and cloud-based. Employees expect instant, secure access to applications, information, and resources. Meanwhile, threats proliferate, VPNs lag, hardware costs rise, and little is truly secure. Hub-and-spoke networks employing castle-and-moat security are no longer tenable, and technology leaders that cling to legacy architectures put enterprises at risk. A practical cyber security and operations approach that prioritizes security and user performance to align with today’s "new" way of working.

In this session, they'll discuss how enterprise IT leaders can:

  • Improve customer digital experience while safeguarding sensitive information
  • Increase user performance while minimizing risk
  • Drive revenue and scalability while controlling costs

The arrival of COVID-19 has brought unprecedented challenges to businesses around the globe, making daily operations a struggle. Cybercriminals have taken advantage of this chaotic time, bringing new threats to business continuity on a daily basis. These groups are constantly on the lookout for news that they can use as lures in attacks to improve their infection rates. Join this keynote session with Trend Micro Sales Engineer Antoine Saikaley where we’ll be covering: • Examples and information on how COVID-19 is being used in attacks • Best practices for minimizing the risks associated with these threats • Ideas for supporting your employees working from home

Empowering Business Innovation in Saskatchewan | Powered by Saskatchewan Polytechnic

Framework for Reopening Ontario | Powered by siberX

Security and Business Continuity in the Cloud | Powered by IBM

How do organizations keep application and infrastructure up while implementing security in best practices in the cloud? DevSecOps and Security by Design play key roles here. In this talk we will discuss the importance of a secure-by-design high availability architectures. Then, how does continuity and security play into multi-cloud environment. The value of monitoring posture and incident response is key here. Finally, the importance of a shared responsibility and a DevSecOps culture to remain flexible, fast, and secure when deploying cloud workloads and containers across the multi-cloud environment.

Life, as we know it came to a halt two months ago. The worldwide pandemic that lead to the global lockdown and confinement forced us to change our behavior in ways we never thought possible. For many of us this has cast a spotlight on our dependence on technology to live, In many instances to magnitudes we couldn’t previously fathom. Technology has become the instrument to communicate with loved ones, to work from home, to learn from home or to achieve simple daily tasks like ordering food or keeping the family entertained. This bring to mind a famous quote by Albert Einstein that “In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity” for within these challenges does emerge huge opportunity. Our PC, our internet connection, our VPN, our collaboration tools, our fleet management applications and how we protect and secure our employees privacy as well as our organization data are now front and center for everyone in the world. In the words of Andy Grove (3rd CEO of Intel) “Bad companies are destroyed by crisis, Good companies survive them, Great companies are improved by them” Come join me as I will share my vision on how your organization can capitalize and leverage The Post COVID-19 World that promises to become our new normal.

Modernizing information security with HW-based security to address today’s and tomorrow’s challenges | Powered by Intel

IT/Infosec organizations are spending more and more money, yet attacks continue to grow in frequency and magnitude of impact to the business. This requires rethinking and modernizing information security to cope with today’s and tomorrow’s challenges in a more cost-effective manner. In this session, we will walk you through HW-based approach to information security using Intel® vPro Platform capabilities to defend against evolving attacks.

Cybersecurity for the Public Sector | Powered by AWS

Threat Hunting in the Dark Side of the Internet | Powered by Palo Alto Networks

The Dark Side of the Internet or the dark-web is largely anonymous. Given its anonymity, it's also become a haven for hackers and cybercriminals to host malware and exfiltrate data. The Onion Router (TOR) is a largely utilized protocol that allows for many popular malware families and Advanced Persistent Threats to host their C2 infrastructures. In this talk, we will discuss ways to hunt for TOR based attacks. The speaker will provide insights on how the Palo Alto Networks Security Operations Center utilizes their technology suite to automate and hunt for dark-web based threats and will share with the audience their threat hunting philosophy and approach.

An opening roundtable with members of the siberXchange advisory!

Enjoy a keynote on the important role women are playing in shaping the cybersecurity industry!

Diversity and Diverse Skills in Cybersecurity | Powered by Recorded Future

This breakout session will focus on the diversity of aspects of cybersecurity, and how a successful team requires a diverse range of skills such as the ability to track trends, various sorts of subject matter expertise, and technical skills.  There is no "one way" to do cybersecurity, it takes an extensive breadth of skills and diverse team to best figure out how to tackle issues from all sides.  This panel will consist of the three female analysts from the threat research team at Recorded Future, known as Insikt (Swedish for "insight").  They will discuss their own research pieces they've done and highlight examples of their skillset that aided in the research, what it took to gain those skills, and successful collaborations.

Tech Facilitated Violence: Cyberbullying | Powered by siberX

Attacks of the Industry: A View into the Future of Cybersecurity | Powered by ISC2

The Balancing Act - Imposter Syndrome | Powered by siberX

Women Leaders Across The Globe | Powered by Guardicore

The dramatic shifts towards digital transformation and more effective risk management is having a profound impact on cybersecurity programs around the globe. This session will detail the three trends having the greatest influence right now, and how programs are responding - good and not-so-good.

Protecting the Enterprise from Home | Powered by Fortinet

Working remotely has been happening for decades, but recent events has introduced teleworking to huge new swaths of the workforce and challenged IT teams on how to connect and secure this newly remote workforce. Fortinet’s Security Fabric approach to cybersecurity includes protections for remote working, even at the vast scale taking place now. Come learn how to connect securely back to the office network and what steps security professionals can take to keep the company, and the workforce, secure and productive.

Lessons Learned from Recent Breaches | Powered by siberX

Delivering a Zero Trust Strategy Built on Effective Identity & Access Management | Powered by IBM

Enterprise IT environments have undergone major shifts in the last few years with digital transformation, shifts to cloud and expectations of employees to work from any location. For security teams supporting these environments has increased the number of connections into and throughout the organization. These connections change continuously –new users are added, new APIs created, and more –making it difficult for security teams to effectively protect data, users and resources.

In order to successfully secure these new environments, organizations must adopt a new security strategy. Adopting a Zero Trust security strategy and governance model can help organizations adapt to the "new normal" and better manage the risks that occur in an ever evolving, perimeter-less business environment.

Identity and Access Management (IAM) is a key ingredient to any Zero Trust strategy. In this presentation, we will explore different IAM capabilities that will support a Zero Trust strategy.

Making Cybersecurity Strategic During COVID-19 | Powered by siberX

Transforming Agility & Security in a Cloud World - 6 Critical Steps for Securing your Environment for a Remote Workforce | Powered by Zscaler

The cloud and mobility are powerful enablers of digital transformation, but many IT organizations are grappling with legacy architectures and processes that haven't evolved in over 30 years. When apps lived in the data center, it made sense to invest in building a 'hub-and-spoke' network and to protect that network by employing a 'castle-and-moat' security model. But agility demands from both internal and external stakeholders in the new world of SaaS, cloud and mobility requires organizations to evolve their network and security architectures.

In this session Stan will discuss;

  • The operational challenge of enabling remote work for everyone
  • The dark side of remote access: new threat exposure, employees “going rogue” for speed
  • Keys to enabling remote work: prioritization, triage, and local internet breakouts

Security Risks for Companies When Adopting a Work from Home Strategy | Powered by Sonicwall

Team8 is a venture group and leading think tank solving problems of magnitude by creating and accelerating category-leading companies. Its unique company-building model is powered by a dedicated team of company-builders that lead the process from surfacing the problem through to building the solution in collaboration with a strong network of enterprise leaders. Team8 takes on the biggest problems at the heart of security, privacy, data, AI/ML, and builds companies to solve them. Team8 is backed by some of the world’s most renowned businesses including Cisco, Microsoft, AT&T, Walmart, Airbus, Softbank, Accenture, Qualcomm, Moody’s, Munich-Re, Dimension Data, Nokia and Scotiabank. --- As we are experiencing a "super" evolution, defined by decades worth of change that has transpired in only a few weeks, our confidence and trust in IT and digital foundational infrastructure has never been more critical. Security leaders are responsible for keeping their companies up and running in an environment that has not been stress-tested and that is increasingly fragile.Former Commander of Unit 8200 (Israel’s elite security & technology military unit) and CEO & Co-Founder of Team8, Formeer CISo of CITI bank, and Former Director of the NSA will share their insights.

In 2019 ransomware hit local governments hard. That trend is continuing in 2020, but ransomware threat actors have moved beyond targeting municipalities and are going after utilities, healthcare organizations, and other essential government services. The worst part is their attacks have only intensified during the COVID-19 pandemic. This talk will discuss the threat actors, how they are going after their targets, and what local governments can do to protect themselves, especially with limited budget and staff.

Automation of Transportation and Logistics | Powered by DCAVR

How do autonomous vehicles impact the cybersecurity landscape? Ever wondered how one of these vehicles could be attacked? Join us for a session where we explore this landscape and look at new opportunities for funding prototype development at Durham College

5G and Innovation | Powered by Huawei

Protecting Utilities | Powered by siberX

Invasive Technologies & Municipalities | Powered by siberX

Enabling Innovation and Opportunities in the Eastern & Rural Corridor | Powered by City of Pickering

This session will introduce you to the certified secure computer user course by EC-Council - interested in beginning a career in Cybersecurity? This is a great starting point.

How safe have you been online? Chances are, you’re one of the many people who go to bed looking at your phone and wake up looking at your phone. We increasingly live on our devices, trusting them with confidential information and signing over our data to companies and their websites. But do you know how to keep yourself safe online? Let's find out, together. (Note that this session is intended for ages 14 to 18)

This session will be focused on identifying the potential cyber threats specific to Tourism and Hospitality Sector. We will also explore the importance of educating the end users within the industry (Management & Staff) and touch on the basic course of action and business continuity plan after a cyber disaster. As one of the top industries in Niagara and across Canada, it requires additional awareness and assistance from the cyber community, especially after COVID-19, to ensure all levels of safety are achieved. The increased reliance on digital tools and its impact to how we will be doing business in the future will open up further threats that need to be addressed proactively.

Join us with the world's youngest AI expert on the best ways to begin learning how to code

Scott Ashley, the President of Get Ready has developed and led the implementation of multiple infectious Disease Outbreak Programs for Healthcare and the Private Sector, he is currently on several committees and working groups including the “Meeting Events” to help restore the $32B conference and convention industry across Canada, Long Term Care and Retirement Homes the next steps and several Business Improvement Associations - to help find an integrated approach to standardize a safe and sustainable reopening of these community businesses. The topics for the presentation will include: • COVID-19 Transmission • The Regulations VS Guidelines • Staff training • The 80/20 rule • The Psychology of Returning – The Fear Factor • Screening Asymptomatic People • Effective Physical Distancing practices • Managing the Cluster Outbreak • Q&A

Everyone who lives or works in the digital world is concerned about cyber security. To that end, it is important that we all understand to protect their online identities. This session is designed to help raise cyber security awareness among students aged 10-13 and to capture imaginations by offering encouragement and support to counteract the social and peer pressures that discourage too many talented young people, especially women, from pursuing their interests in STEM related fields such as cybersecurity.

From smart thermostats to light bulbs and fitness trackers, the world of Internet connected "things" and apps are a part of our everyday lives. For that reason, it is critical to understand the importance of securing the Internet of Things. Join this enlightening discussion to learn about the world of Internet connected “things”, if they are hackable, and raise cyber security awareness for students ages 10-18.

What are the lessons from international hostage negotiators and their critical incident handling via law enforcement? What do global experts, including technical experts, cyber security consultants, educators and ‘cyber thought leaders’ think of using professional negotiators? What lessons can be shared from international hostage negotiators who have been responding globally to ‘crimes in actions’ for decades through negotiations and engagement with nefarious threat actors? Can these lessons managing and mitigating the risks associated to transnational organized crime networks and terrorist incidents be applied to cyber-attacks and incidents? Are we ready to support our C-suite, board executives and businesses in an extortion incident? When a major ransom demand strikes a client, are we ready? Do we understand the psychology of our opponents during an incident? Are we truly prepared to leverage all resources to derive maximum harm mitigation and optimal outcomes? When things go really-really wrong, do we know where, how and who to go for help supporting us through a stressful and critical incident with nefarious threat actors?

Our program changes the game for seniors--lessening isolation, enabling engagement and access to vital resources, and providing with seniors with tools that can enrich their lives with continued growth through learning.

WiCyS is a community of engagement, encouragement and support for women in cybersecurity. Join this panel discussion to learn more about WiCyS, including the benefits of WiCyS membership, our annual WiCyS conference, and how to get involved in a WiCyS Affiliate or Student Chapter.

In this session titled "A Song of Red and Blue", the audience will first experience the challenges a Security Operations Engineer faces when dealing with an active incident. The speakers will then walk you through the transition of a traditional Security Operation Center to enable an automated and a much faster response during an attack.

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