Chris Henry

The current digital age of crypto-currencies, artificial intelligence, data science, cyber-attacks, mobility, collaboration and clouds offers organizations opportunities to grow and evolving risks.  As Virtual/Interim CISO at Dare Innovative, Chris uses his 25+ years’ experience in cybersecurity and innovation to assist organizations navigate today’s complexities.  Chris began working in global cyber security, risk and compliance with Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts and continued in his role of CIO with Grant Thornton in Canada including contributing to the Global IT Security Standard for Grant Thornton International. During his tenure at Four Seasons he was qualified at an “IT Security Expert” in US Federal Court during his testimony and support of the successful prosecution in a global “hacking” and intellectual property theft trial.

During the last 5 -7 years Chris also survived multiple life traumas including job, relationship and health change. He didn’t fully recover until he discovered wellness and the Rythmic Diet as a way to bounce-back with greater energy and strength in mind, body and spirit. As a part-time Rythmic Diet Wellness Coach he now guides others in bouncing back from their traumas and in realizing their Rythmic Potential.

In his spare time Chris gives back to others through his craftsight wellness community where he hosts connected circle live events and an online wellness directory to help others find, share and rate wellness foods, products, services, creators and experiences.

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