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siberX delivers innovative solutions to cybersecurity training, awareness, and programming. Led by a team of industry professionals, we combine our marketing and technical knowledge to deliver cybersecurity experiences that are exciting, accessible, and diverse. With over 8 annual signature events, siberX is a team of local, Canadian talent making an impact on the global cybersecurity stage.​

Since 2018, siberX has gained a reputation for being industry leaders in content delivery – through innovative immersive experiences, corporate partners have showcased cutting-edge technologies and demonstrated impactful solutions for cybersecurity in multiple sectors. Besides a strong representation from across Canada, siberX now delivers content to audiences across North America, Latin America, Africa, South Asia, and the Middle East​

Some of our flagship events are Championing the #wearecyber movement at the Canadian Women in Cybersecurity forum, hosting international CISOs at CISO Forum Canada, curating gamified competitions at Cyberlympics and Collegiate Penetration Testing Competition, Running quarterly community exchange at the virtual studio and siberXchange community!

“Growth is inevitable, not enigmatic. Inspiring people to grow in the right direction is what true leadership is all about.”

– Mahdi Raza
Founder & CEO, SiberX

A message from our CEO

Using the above as his guiding principle, Mahdi’s influence continues to inspire his phenomenal executive leadership team at SiberX. His focus on developing opportunities to fulfill unique pathways and potential for his team is one of the most rewarding aspects of his personal mission as CEO.

Mahdi’s diverse experience enables him to propel a growth-driven mindset that is sustainable throughout the ever-changing economic climate.

As founder of Toronto based real estate firm, ‘Real Equity’, Mahdi was constantly weathering the residential and commercial storms within the industry. “The key to real estate is to keep moving; stagnation is never an option.” It is this principal that has empowered Mahdi to always ask the right questions at the right time.

Mahdi’s long standing passion in Cyber Security lead him to the question; “why doesn’t everyone know this and how can I change that?”

Since that initial thought, Mahdi has been dedicated to
creating awareness in cybersecurity and educating both public and private sectors, enterprises, educational institutions, etc. on the importance of cybersecurity.

Mahdi is also the founder of a Virtual Reality Cybersecurity training and Cyber Escape Room called ICE-VR that focuses on gamifying cybersecurity training through Virtual Reality and Escape rooms.

When he is not doing what he loves professionally, you can find him entertaining his family and friends through is crafty culinary skills with his signature recipes of course, exploring nature through biking or hiking, or immersed in the rich cultures somewhere around the world.

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Meet the Team

Good food, fun times with family/friends, biking at sunset, travelling the world:)

Mahdi Raza

CEO & Founder

Marketing geek, cybersec & tech enthusiast, avid reader, EDI champion, bitten by the travel bug.

Jordan is right. Pineapple goes on Pizza.

Zainab Zaidi

Director of Marketing

Electrical engineering student, foodie, and a big sports fan!

Miracle Nkemdirim

Admin Liaison

If I’m not dreaming about future technology, I’m probably watching live music with friends.

Pineapple belongs on Pizza.

Jordan Ella

Live Streaming Engineer

Chief Geek, keeper of the base, & Jack of all trades!

Pineapples do not go on Pizza!

Shrey Raval

DevOps Engineer

Gaming enthusiast, movie buff, foodie, and lover of all things technology.

Tie breaker: Pineapples do not belong on Pizza.

Zohair Zaidi

Web Consultant

Gaming enthusiast (Huge fan of Dota 2). Lover of Cricket, Space Exploration and an avid car enthusiast!

Pineapples do go on Pizza with Paneer Tikka 😛

Aditya Patel

Co-Streaming Engineer | Unreal Developer

Hi, its a pleasure to meet you! But, I am SHAY not SHREY!

Shay Khan

Administrative & Marketing Coordinator
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Our timeline is a story of our progress over the past few years. It shows the past events we have successfully completed and the astute future we have!

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