CISO Forum Intercontinental

The siberX Intercontinental CISO Event Program brings speakers, attendees, & sponsors from all over the world together to discuss the everchanging field of executive information security management. Topics focus on leadership, strategic management, innovation, & cutting-edge solutions to the challenges of leading information security programs.

Intercontinental CISO Forum will virtually mobilize leaders from across the globe as speakers & attendees for keynotes, panel discussions, & round-tables followed by an executive virtual reception in our state of the art broadcasting studio!

Head of Cyber Security Governance
Senior Cybersecurity Specialist
Project and Research Lead
Director, Cybersecurity, (MENA)
SVP Content Strategy & Evangelist
Head Of Information Security
Chief Advisor
Chief Executive Officer
Community Development Manager
Head of Counter Cybercrime Programming
Chief Information Officer
Asst. Head of Information Security
Chief of Cyber Security
Chief Executive Officer
Cyber Security and Compliance Manager
Founder and CEO
Group CIO
Sr. Director & Chief Security Officer
President and Co-Founder
Director, Sales & Marketing
Regional Sales Manager
Founder and CEO
Cloud Security Service Lead
Head of Digital Security Solutions
Head of Cybersecurity Advisory Services
Executive Director, Cyber Security Services
Enterprise Security Specialist
Chief Information Security Officer - Subsaharien Francophone Africa
Assistant Vice-President, Security Governance and Risk Management
CEO and Founder
Senior Cyber Security Consultant
Managing Principal
Project Lead
Information Security Expert at
Cybersecurity & Risk Advisory President,
Regional Sales Manager
Cyber Security Director
Technincal Director
Chief Financial Officer
Director, Product Management – Identity Business Unit
Team Leader – Sales Engineering
Director IT Security/Risk
Infrastructure and Security Leader
Chief Information Officer
Senior Vice-President & CISO
Director, Global Security Operations
Cybersecurity Security Specialist
Chief Executive Officer
Global CISO and DPO
Director - Technology Advisory and Cyber Risk Assurance
Senior Vice President - Global IT & Security
Partner, Cybersecurity, Privacy & Digital
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