Women in Cybersecurity | Beyond Borders 2022

The pandemic has resulted in unique cyber security responses around the globe. Listen and learn from experts from around the world as they share their journeys on navigating their unique challenges. The circumstances, attack surfaces and challenges have evolved – let us take lessons from global best practices.


Head of Cybersecurity
Head of Cybersecurity at Youth Employment Services
Chapter President
Chapter President at Blacks In Technology
Privacy and Data Strategist
Privacy and Data Strategist at Binary Tattoo
CSO at CDW Canada
Cyber-Physical Security & Resilience
Cyber-Physical Security & Resilience at PwC
CISO at Ruby
Cloud Security Program Manager
Cloud Security Program Manager at IBM
Sr. Product Security Architect
Sr. Product Security Architect at SAP
VP, Information Security & CISO
VP, Information Security & CISO at Interac
Senior Computer Systems Analyst
Senior Computer Systems Analyst
Partner, Cybersecurity & Privacy, National Privacy Practice Leader
Partner, Cybersecurity & Privacy, National Privacy Practice Leader at PwC
Senior Manager
Senior Manager at Ontario’s Cyber Security Centre of Excellence
Strategic Advisor and Corporate Board Director
Strategic Advisor and Corporate Board Director at Descartes Systems Group
Chief Security Officer
Chief Security Officer at Microsoft Canada
Chief Information Officer
Chief Information Officer at Laurentian University
VP & CISO at Varicent
Vice President Information Technology
Vice President Information Technology at Enova Power Corp
Director Cybersecurity & GRC
Director Cybersecurity & GRC at Allstate
General Manager, Cybersecurity
General Manager, Cybersecurity & Privacy at Suncor
Founder at WiCSP
Cyber Security Consultant
Cyber Security Consultant at Honeywell
VP, Information Security
VP, Information Security at Choice Properties REIT
Manager - Federal Account North America
Manager - Federal Account North America at SANS
Business Information Security Officer
Business Information Security Officer at TD
Senior Cybersecurity Strategic Advisor
Senior Cybersecurity Strategic Advisor at Shared Services
Director of Solution Architecture
Director of Solution Architecture at Perimeter 81
Co-founder at Henri & Wolf Law
  • Dinah Davis originally planned to become a math teacher at the suggestion of her high school guidance counsellor, because that’s what girls who are good at math do right? Through trial and error at two Universities and three work terms she discovered that she loved Cybersecurity and wanted to make it her career.

    Lisa Tetrault also started her university career as a Math major, and by the end of her 1st year pivoted into Computer Science. She learned that being talented in something did not always mean there was a passion.  Since graduating, she held various roles in computer networking and operations, and continued to find passion in the areas of Cybersecurity.  When Operations and Cybersecurity met, Lisa found her love and jumped in head-first.

    Why do you care? Because their stories are not unique. Many women in security have found their way there through trial and error. This talk dives into the current state of women in security and what we need to do as a community to help more women find this amazing career. In addition, you’ll learn how Lisa Tetrault successfully built one of the most diverse security teams ever seen.


    - Dinah Davis, VP Research and Development, Arctic Wolf

    - Lisa Tetrault, Sr. Director Global Security Operations, Arctic Wolf

  • With the rapid rise of cybersecurity attacks and changes to privacy legislations in the past couple of years, there is a growing need for collaboration, and skilled resources. Diversifying the industry with equal representation and strong cohort of skilled privacy and cybersecurity experts is more important than ever.

    Hear from exciting female leaders across the Canadian cybersecurity and privacy space who are paving the path to a more diverse and secure future. Learn about some of the key cybersecurity and privacy trends capturing their attention, their professional journey, narrowing the cybersecurity and privacy talent gap and how we can pave a path for the young upcoming leaders interested in cybersecurity and privacy.

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