Shelley Wark-Martyn

Shelley enjoys a career as an Entrepreneur in Business and Personal Development with companies in the United States and Canada. Shelley has spent the past 20 years in Business Development, Training and strategically building strong organizations. Over the past 6 years, Shelley has represented SANS in her role as Business Development and Brand Ambassador. Shelley has spent those 6 years in Canada, California, Texas, Arizona, Nevada, Oregon and Washington state working with individuals, corporations, Government agencies and Associations to understand the training needs for the cybersecurity workforce and how to meet those needs.

Shelley has been a constant achiever in life due to her strong desire to make our world a better place. She has experience working in the health and social service field as well as holding public office as a member of Provincial Parliament and Minister of the Crown in Ministries including Revenue, Health and Education and responsible for leading companies to growth of over 20 million dollars annually. Shelley is definitely a change agent with the vision, motivation and knowledge to take an idea from conceptualization to fruition.

Shelley is a provocative speaker and enjoys working with organizations and individuals to reach their brilliance.

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