Shelley Wark-Martyn

A high profile, dynamic individual who has earned respect from colleagues and the public with a consistent record of achievement. Shelley has enjoyed careers in nursing, social work, Minister of the Crown in Ontario, including Minister of Revenue, Associate Minister of Health, and Education: Vice President in the areas of Business & Field Development, and started her own company in 2012, as a consultant for people and organizations that wanted to grow and create change.

Shelley is presently enjoying a career in Business & People Development with companies in the United States and Canada. Shelley has spent the past 25 years in Business Development, Training and strategically building strong organizations. Workforce planning, retention, skill measurement and personal development have been an integral part of her role. Shelley fulfills roles in strategic planning, coaching, understanding yourself and those around you.

Shelley has contracted with the SANS Institute in the role of Community Cybersecurity development, Cyber Ambassador, Instructor development and recently overseeing federal government contractors. Shelley was a key player in having SANS be the major training partner for Rogers Cybersecure Catalyst Program.

She works with customers to plan training and staff development investments, which includes sharing emerging trends in cyber security, industry, and how training can mitigate related risks. She collaborates with clients to co-develop workforce development plans.

Shelley gives back to the community promoting cybersecurity awareness at the community level in schools, small businesses, and career planning Cybersecurity skills development. Diversity, equity and inclusion, inclusive of corporate social responsibility are top of mind for Shelley.

She is the past recipient of the SiberX Lifetime Achievement Award and 2021 Top Sales Leader for SANS Federal Accounts and numerous other achievement awards.

Shelley’s motto is “Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all.” Take the adventure!


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