Kelley Irwin

Kelley Irwin is a Strategic Advisor and a Corporate Board Director. She has 35 years of international Information Technology (IT) experience in the banking, insurance, and energy sectors. She held executive roles at Sun Life Financial, TD Bank, Economical Insurance, and its subsidiary, Sonnet Insurance, and the Electrical Safety Authority (ESA). In her CIO roles, she led IT security teams and digital transformation.

She currently leads a practice providing Executive Bootcamps for technology start-up CEOs. She serves as a Board Director providing expertise in corporate governance, technology, and cybersecurity for companies in the technology, insurance, and utilities sectors. She is value-driven, leading with an intense sense of responsibility to create positive change.

Kelley is an active supporter of women in tech through mentoring, coaching, blogging, and speaking events. She has co-authored two books “Please Stay – How Women in Tech Survive and Thrive”, and “Please Join – There’s No Place Like Tech”.

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