Helen Oakley

Helen Oakley, CISSP, GPCS, GSTRT, stands at the forefront technology and cybersecurity, embodying innovation, leadership, and advocacy, serving as the Director of Secure Software Supply Chain and Secure Development at SAP’s Global Security and Cloud Compliance. Leading with a focus on security-by-design principles, Helen orchestrates transformative measures across thousands of SAP’s engineering teams, ensuring security is embedded from the ground up. Her leadership extends to fortifying software supply chains and pioneering AI software transparency practices, positioning SAP at the forefront of cybersecurity innovation.

Recognized as one of the Top 20 Canadian Women in Cybersecurity, Helen is a co-founder of LeadingCyberLadies.com, a global network empowering women professionals in the field. Additionally, she provides strategic guidance to cybersecurity startups as an Advisory Board member, navigating them through the dynamic industry landscape. A respected speaker at esteemed events like RSA Conference, BlackHat SecTor, Elevate, and many more, Helen shapes the discourse around cybersecurity, inspiring future generations of professionals. Helen’s leadership is not only securing the digital landscape but also driving forward the evolution of cybersecurity.

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