Women In Cybersecurity Beyond Borders

The pandemic has resulted in unique cyber security responses around the globe. Listen and learn from experts outside of North America as they share their journeys on navigating their unique challenges. The circumstances, attack surfaces and challenges have evolved – let us take lessons from global best practices.

From inspiring keynotes, career development, IoT and best practices and everything in between, the Women in Cybersecurity Beyond Borders conference awaits!

Project and Research Lead
Director, Cybersecurity, (MENA)
Senior Managing Consultant
Managing Director
Chapter President
Senior Cyber Risk Consultant
Senior Computer Systems Analyst
Legal Officer
Chief Information Security Officer - Subsaharien Francophone Africa
Executive Director
Assistant Vice-President, Security Governance and Risk Management
Director, Security Operations
Corporate Information Security and Business Continuity
Cyber Security Consultant
Director of Solution Architecture
Senior Security Engineer
Director, Recruitment & Partnerships
Security Architect
Senior Information Security Consultant
IT Governance Chair
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