Women In Cybersecurity | Beyond Borders

The pandemic has resulted in unique cyber security responses around the globe. Listen and learn from experts outside of North America as they share their journeys on navigating their unique challenges. The circumstances, attack surfaces and challenges have evolved – let us take lessons from global best practices.

From inspiring keynotes, career development, IoT and best practices and everything in between, the Women in Cybersecurity Beyond Borders conference awaits!

Head of Cybersecurity
Head of Cybersecurity at Youth Employment Services
Director, Cybersecurity
Director, Cybersecurity at PwC MiddleEast
Senior Managing Consultant
Senior Managing Consultant at IBM Security
Managing Director
Managing Director at Infosphere Limited
Chapter President
Chapter President at Blacks In Technology
Senior Cyber Risk Consultant
Senior Cyber Risk Consultant at CDW Canada
Senior Computer Systems Analyst
Senior Computer Systems Analyst
Legal Officer
Legal Officer at Digital Rights Foundation
Chief Information Security Officer - Subsaharien Francophone Africa
Chief Information Security Officer - Subsaharien Francophone Africa at PwC
Executive Director
Executive Director at WiCyS
VP & CISO at Varicent
Director Cybersecurity & GRC
Director Cybersecurity & GRC at Allstate
Corporate Information Security and Business Continuity
Corporate Information Security and Business Continuity at Bank Audi
CISO and DPO at Standard Chartered Bank Nigeria
Founder at WiCSP
Cyber Security Consultant
Cyber Security Consultant at Honeywell
Director of Solution Architecture
Director of Solution Architecture at Perimeter 81
Senior Security Engineer
Senior Security Engineer at Malwarebytes, Inc.
Director, Recruitment & Partnerships
Director, Recruitment & Partnerships at Contact North
Security Architect
Security Architect at IBM India Software Labs
Senior Information Security Consultant
Senior Information Security Consultant
IT Governance Chair
IT Governance Chair at ISACA Karachi Chapter
  • Synopsis

    Although there have been reported improvements in closing the traditional gender disparity prevalent in tech within the last decade, the hard work is far from over. This gap continues to manifest itself through various aspects, including employment opportunities, wages, access to leadership opportunities, and even perception in the workplace.

    To get a better understanding of the size of this challenge, we first need to cast our sights back; far before women begin their forays into the professional space, when their interests in various fields are developing, and ideas are still being formed. According to PWC’s Women in Tech report, young women still in school are not considering technology careers as they are not given enough information on what working in the sector involves and this is highlighted further as 84% claimed no one is putting it forward as an option to them. This alleged lack of interest is further reinforced by a shortage of female role models as only 22% could name a famous woman working in the tech industry.

    There clearly is a lot more work to be done if this is how the next generation of the workforce feel. So, the question becomes how can we bring about longstanding, meaningful change? The first step is to increase the visibility of female role models across all levels by putting them forward to speak at forums such as this.

    Join our panel of female tech leaders as they share their experiences, provide useful industry information, and help guide the next generation of tech superstars.

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