Ammar Jaffri

Mr. Ammar Jaffri has over 40+ years of experience in Governance, Digital Forensics, Information Technology, Security, Education and Philanthropy. He has served and led different departments in the Federal Government of Pakistan, and has been recognized with some of the highest industry honors in national as well as internationally.

He serves as the Pakistan point of contact for a number of international initiatives on Cyber Security like the Microsoft Law Enforcement Forum, G-8 24/7 High Tech Crime Network, the OIC-CERT, SAARC CERT, APCERT, Council of the European Union, and with INTERPOL. He retired as the Additional Director General of the Federal Investigation Agency of Pakistan in 2010, and is currently engaged in various public and private projects in a private capacity. He is a well-known speaker on a wide range of subjects including Information Security, Electronic Governance, Business Continuity Planning, Electronic Banking, and emerging trends in communication.

Mr. Jaffri’s goal is to improve lives in the rural areas of Pakistan by leveraging information and communication technologies.

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