Laila AL Hadhrami

Laila al Hadhrami, senior executive-Digital Transformation in the eTransformation team in Ministry of Transport, communications and IT, as she is also the director of Building Capacity and Awareness in Smart City Platform. She started working as a professional in this field from 2005 and has experience as well as credentials in different relevant fields including Government Innovation, Change Management, UX, Re-process engineering, Business Analysis, Project Management, and Knowledge Management. Speaking about Knowledge Management, she is very passionate about CoPs and she has established the first CoP in Change Management in Oman.

Laila has also participated as a speaker in many conferences and seminars in Oman and overseas. Currently, she is leading national projects in Oman, like Government Innovation in emerging technologies in Oman, and other projects related to digital transformation. She is also the founder of Smart City Ambassadors initiative that has been awarded by ITU Innovation Challenges Winning ideas from the Ecosystem best practice challenge category 2020.
Currently, Laila is Leading change management activities on the digital transformation program and support the government entities to adapt the required changes to meet their digital transformation objectives and organization culture change towards the digitization. Laila is a member in different committees in Oman and overseas as well as in the UN standards evaluation internal committee and the UNSECO ICT Programme in Beirut. She is also a government fellowship UNU-EGOV and has a current collaboration with international organizations like ITU and UNI-EGOV to document Oman’s experience in Smart City Ambassadors as a global best Practice.

Away from work and technology, Laila has published two translated books, some short stories, and is currently working on two new books about her experience in travel which is one of her hobbies as she visited more than 50 countries. She is also the founder of @oman_traveler – the first tourism account in Oman.

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