Aun Abbas

Currently, I am serving at Telenor Bank, Pakistan, as Head of Information Security (role of the CISO).

I am a Cybersecurity leader with accomplished professional career spanning around 21-years. I started my professional career after receiving formal 16-years education with final degree in Computer Science. I have also completed a number of inland and foreign professional trainings.

During my 21-years of on-the-job learning I developed software programs for Two-Years, worked on data Networks and security for Six-years, worked as a Digital Forensic Expert & COP (for Cyber Law Enforcement) for over Nine-years and am performing my duties as CISO of a Bank for the past Four-years.

My achievements include being author of the Cyber Crime Law of Pakistan, Establishing Digital Forensic Laboratories, Deploying mission critical networks, programming Neural Networks, and driving Information Security and Technology risk management at a Bank.

I am also involved in voluntary participation in trainings and provide guidance to new professionals.

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