J A Chowdary

JA Chowdary is an entrepreneur, technology leader and innovator with an illustrious career spanning across private and public sectors. He is passionate about improving the lives of Indian youth through technology education and employment opportunities.

Over the last 25 years, Shri JA Chowdary has helped grow the Indian IT industry in the capacity of

  • IT advisor and Policy advocate for several Indian state governments,
  • Head of several Indian and global Industry forums such as FICCI, AMCHAM,
  • Chairman of STPI, Hyderabad, Chennai and Bangalore
  • Founder and India managing director of global technology companies,
  • Board member of leading companies,
  • Advisor to Universities and Technology institutions,
  • Angel investor, and
    Mentor to entrepreneurs and students

During the early days of his career, he was awarded with NRDC Independence Day Invention Award by Government of India. He is also proud of the fact that he has worked at ISRO Satellite center in developing Telemetry subsystems for Rohini and Bhaskara Satellites.

JA Chowdary has also been a key member or founder of various social initiatives including Naandi Foundation, Let’s Vote, AP Development Forum, ADI foundation, Food 360 Foundation, Hyderabad 10K and others.

JA Chowdary received his MTECH from IIT Madras and MSC from Sri Venkateswara University.

He was born in Bathalapalli a remote village in Ananthapur District in Andhra Pradesh and currently lives in Hyderabad.

Key current activities:

  • IT Advisor, Government of Tamil Nadu. Advising the TN government to build an ecosystem that can support and grow technology entrepreneurship in the state.
  • Chairman of Blockchain committee at Bureau of Indian Standards, Government of India. Spearheading the formulation of INDIAN Standards for Blockhain Technology which will become part of ISO standards for Blockhain International Standards.
  • Co-founder of Fintech Forums in India at Hyderabad, Bangalore & Chennai with members from Government, Investment community, Education & Research community, Financial Institutes and Technology companies to encourage fintech startups and adoption.
  • Board of Director, Amara Raja Electronics

Past activities:

  • Special Chief Secretary (Rank of Cabinet Minister) to the Andhra Pradesh Government in the Chief Minister’s Office during 2014-19. Advised and assisted the government in bringing in investments, generating employment, and encouraging innovation and start-up activities in Andhra Pradesh.
  • Founder of Fintech Valley, Vizag (Visakhapatnam), a destination for Fintech companies, and companies that are working in emerging technologies
  • Cofounded TalentSprint a leading Ed-Tech company in India
  • General Partner in a Deep Tech fund “StartupXseed”
  • Co-Founded Portal Player (Acquired by Nvidia corporation) – A company that designed the Core Chip & Software that powered Apples IPods.
  • Served as the Managing Director for NVIDIA India.
  • Chairman of the Board of Software Technologies Parks of India (STPI), Hyderabad and Chennai and Bangalore. He was one of the key personalities and who was instrumental in bringing about an IT revolution in Hyderabad.
  • Co-Founder and a Board member of Hyderabad Angels and played a role in mentoring and growing many startups based out of Hyderabad
  • Worked with BHEL R&D: Developed in-line Pollution Monitoring equipment which saved millions of Rupees for BHEL Supplied power turbines. Was recognized with NRDC Independence Day Invention Award by Government of India
  • Worked with ISRO Satellite Center in developing Telemetry subsystems for Rohini & Bhaskara Satellites

Current & Past Association with Industry bodies:

  • Has been involved with many professional corporate bodies in his long career
  • Co-Chairman, FICCI (Telangana& AP), President
  • Founder President of The Indus Entrepreneurs (TiE) Hyderabad chapter, American Chamber of Commerce (AMCHAM), Hyderabad Chapter
  • Founder President of Hyderabad Software Exporters Association (HYSEA
    later renamed to ITsAP).
  • Head of Hyderabad chapters of industry Associations IEEE
  • Founder President of ADI Foundation (Anantapur Development Initiative)
  • President of Food 360 Foundation
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