Gayleen Gray

Gayleen Gray is Assistant Vice President and Chief Technology Officer at McMaster University. Gayleen has 20 years of experience in Higher Ed IT and oversees McMaster University’s information systems and services, including Information Security. She launched the McMaster IT Strategic Plan in 2019, provides leadership across all campus technology priorities and is responsible for the institution’s IT Governance processes. A truly collaborative leader, Gayleen works with the institutions’ leadership team and a network of diverse colleagues and IT personnel across the campus to ensure that McMaster’s research, teaching and learning initiatives are supported and enabled by campus systems and infrastructure. Throughout her career, Gayleen has built relationships and fostered engagements with Higher Education IT peers across Canada and in the US to further collective areas of interest. Gayleen is well-known for her knowledge, openness and authenticity. She is a frequent presenter and active participant at various professional forums such as Educause, CUCCIO and CANHEIT. Gayleen sits on the ORION Board of Directors and the Hospice Wellington Board of Directors.

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