Timo der Weduwen

Timo der Weduwen is a senior consultant with InterVentis Global, a boutique international risk and security group.  He is a lead negotiator and educator in crisis management, investigative analysis and ransom negotiations management. He served in senior and executive positions with the Netherlands Police, the European Union and the United Nations for thirty-three years and has built an extensive network of risk management partners internationally. He designed and led the bespoke United Nations Hostage Incident Management Programme since 2013, which uniquely contributed to the UNs 95% positive resolution rate since that time.  Timo is a graduate of Scotland Yard’s International Hostage Negotiation program and a senior hostage negotiator for 22 years on the global stage. He has a Bachelor of Education and is an alumnus of the Police Academy in the Netherlands.  Timo has extensive experience in designing training and workshops to build capacity in the area of security and risk management.   In his daily practice, he focuses on helping clients manage risks in international high-risk environments, offering best practice coaching for executives and managers when things go wrong.  Timo is based out of New York, USA.

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