Calvin Chrustie

Calvin Chrustie is a senior consultant with InterVentis Global, a boutique international risk and security group.  Calvin spent 32 years with the RCMP in the intelligence and investigational world of transnational national organized crime, specializing in kidnaps, extortion, money laundering, and other forms of ‘crimes in action’.  He is certified and trained by the FBI and New Scotland Yard International Hostage Negotiator Program’s. He has over 25 years’ experience negotiating hostage incidents and was Canada’s Team Leader for ING, a team responsible for terrorist and criminal kidnap negotiations until 2017.  Calvin was the sole recipient of the 2016 International Policing Award by the Canadian Association of Police Chiefs for his work with international hostage takings and transnational organized crime operations.  He holds a ‘Masters of Law’ (LLM) specializing in dispute resolution and negotiations.  Calvin has lectured at various universities, international hostage negotiation conferences, the FBI Academy and advised leaders managing critical incidents throughout the world.   He is also a graduate of the Harvard Cyber Certification Program and is now advising and consulting in the field of cyber security in the areas of; ransom negotiations, ransom payments, liaison with law enforcement and threat actor engagement in cyber incidents. He is passionate and committed to bringing his lessons learned from the school of ‘hard knocks’ to cyber security professionals, law firms, insures and C-Suite executives.   Calvin is based in Vancouver Canada.

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