Evelyn Anderson


Evelyn Anderson has over 26 years of experience in IT Security. Evelyn is a Senior Technical Staff Member, which is the highest non-executive technical role within IBM. Evelyn has served across IBM’s organization as the global leader for Identity & Access Management, Security, Regulatory, and Risk Management, Physical Security, System Currency and Infrastructure Protection where she led the design of a global framework to standardize delivery, automate controls and reduce security risks for IBM and its Clients.


Evelyn holds a master’s degree in Technology Management from the University of Phoenix and a Bachelor of Business Administration degree in Accounting Howard Payne University.


  • Appointed IBM Master Inventor which is IBM’s highest distinction for an inventor.
  • Holds 25 patents granted and 38 patents pending with the United States Patent and Trademark Office.
  • In 2016, Evelyn won the Women of Color (WOC) STEM Award in Technical Innovation. And she has been honored with various awards in IBM and industry badges.


As an experienced Security leader, Consultant, Trust Advisor, and Mentor, Evelyn brings a Connector and Equalizer’s lens to IT Security for both IBM and its Clients. This affords her the opportunity to ensure controls are in place to eliminate or reduce internal and external IT threats.

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