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With our world becoming more technologically advanced and digitally connected, demand for trained cybersecurity professionals has seen a rapid rise over the years. Labour demand for cybersecurity has grown 7% annually in Canada, with Canadian companies spending $14 billion on cybersecurity in 2017. The global cybersecurity industry is expected to reach US$248.6 billion by 2023. A solid cybersecurity strategy is a vital part of Canada’s digital economy, and the City of Brampton is positioning itself to be a leader in this space.

Located in the middle of the Toronto-Waterloo Innovation Corridor, Brampton has been developing a robust cybersecurity ecosystem within its Innovation District. 2019 saw the launch of the Rogers Cybersecure Catalyst, a national centre of excellence and collaboration in cybersecurity, in downtown Brampton. With a combined $30-million investment from Rogers, the Royal Bank of Canada, the City of Brampton, and the Government of Canada, the Rogers Cybersecure Catalyst is a not-for-profit corporation that will focus on skilling up current cybersecurity professionals and supporting cybersecurity companies across Canada.

In January this year, the Rogers Cybersecure Catalyst and DMZ launched the Catalyst Cyber Accelerator, a first-in-Canada technology accelerator program solely committed to supporting Canadian cybersecurity start-ups and scale-ups. The Accelerator provides the support and resources these cybersecurity companies need to grow and succeed. Rogers, RBC, Amazon, and Siemens Canada are among the many businesses providing guidance and mentorship to companies at the Accelerator.

Additionally, through its Chang School of Continuing Education, Ryerson University offers courses in cybersecurity at Brampton City Hall. Similarly, Sheridan College provides continuing education courses as well as training in cybersecurity. Opportunities like these further enhance the skills of a highly talented population and continue to strengthen Brampton’s position as a national centre for cybersecurity.

Brampton is the 9th largest and 2nd-fastest-growing city in Canada, home to 70,000 businesses, 700,000 people, and 234 cultures speaking 115 languages. With roughly 50 start-ups and 275 high-tech companies based in Brampton, the city is a central hub for innovation and technology development. Its cybersecurity efforts alone will create 800 new jobs, fortifying Canada’s competitiveness, economic stability, and long-term prosperity on a global level.

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