Vivek Khindria

Vivek Khindria, Vice President IT Security & Risk, Loblaw Company Limited, CISSP, CISM, BSc Physics

Vivek experience across a number of sectors, 9 years University/Research environment, 15 years in Financial Services, 6 years in Telecommunications, and currently leading Security and Risk in one of the largest businesses in Canada LCL, which includes over 22 brands, 200K employees across retail, financial services, health and pharmacy, beauty and ecommerce.

Vivek’s experience includes development and implementation of trading floor systems, SOX and PCI-DSS compliance programs, information security benchmarking, Cyber strategies, securing software development, big data analytics for security, project and supplier assurance, web assurance and control frameworks, security standards, security testing, and securing mobile networks, infrastructure and devices.

Vivek was a significant contributor to the creation of the not-for-profit Canadian Cyber Threat Exchange ( to help business in Canada more easily share information security relate threat information and best practices.  Vivek is the elected representative for Canada on the Information Security Forum executive council, which is a member driven global organization comprised of Fortune 500 companies.

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