Shlomo Bielak

Shlomo is the CTO at Benchmark Corp in Canada. He is keenly interested in making Canada’s enterprise sector a benchmark for how digital technologies should be adopted. He has taken on many roles to influence that space with his practical knowledge:

  • DevOps Institute Ambassador – Creating DevSecOps courseware and educating their 35k members
  • Continuous Delivery Foundation Ambassador – Creating content for the wider CI/CD community
  • Forbes Technology Council – Publishing leadership content on Forbes
  • CIO Association of Canada – Chair Leadership and Technology Council
  • CIO Strategy Council – Cyber Security Technology Council member developing security standards and a new standard for digital transformation

His mantra to live by is: “I am here to help.” He is focused on supporting the practical side of DevSecOps which stems from his engineering and enterprise architecture background. He was previously a global head of Site Reliability Engineering and Application Security as a CISO for a Fortune 500. He is also the creator of Governance Engineering which is published in one of his whitepapers on DevGovOps. He has worked with niche companies in the container space to publish two case studies showing how a large corporation can modernize its applications using containers and microservices in the cloud, while supporting PCI compliance using CD pipelines. Ask him anything on the spot. He loves it.

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