Saminah Amin

Saminah graduated with a degree in computer engineering from the University of Toronto in 2016. Although her focus was on software development and control systems, a graduate level course in cybersecurity pulled her attention to the field of cybersecurity and she joined PwC Canada as a consultant for cybersecurity incident and threat management as a fresh graduate. She is a certified cybersecurity penetration tester and focuses on red teaming engagements but also works on network infrastructure and application penetration testing, vulnerability management, cybersecurity controls and maturity assessments and large-scale cybersecurity transformation projects. For red teams, she specializes in social engineering tactics for multiple clients in different industry sectors such as financial, telecommunications, entertainment, public sector etc. with objectives to compromise sensitive financial, PII or PHI data or gaining access to restricted systems/locations. The tactics include email phishing, phone phishing as well as physical intrusion. Saminah secured third place at a social engineering Capture-the-Flag challenge at Hackfest 2018 in Quebec City, and has also attended Defcon in Las Vegas.

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