Rima Aristocrat

Rima Aristocrat is the President & CEO of 153-year old Willis College offering industry-led, job-ready skills training and education, enabling adults to transition into careers in business, healthcare, technology and Cybersecurity.

Since 1866, Willis College has been a leader in recognizing and responding to emerging job market demands through the development and delivery of comprehensive, industry-led hands- on skills training programs to help meet the needs of the business world.

She is the founder of the Canadian Association of Immigrant Professionals, founder and president of the TeKnoWave Inc. – Canada’s First National Aboriginal IT Training Initiative, founding director of the Veteran Friendly Transition Program, founder of the Willis Cybersecurity Academy, founder of the Willis Women in Technology and A Soldier’s Hero for Military Spouses Scholarships.

She is the only Canadian represented on Microsoft’s Education Advisory Council, has been frequent invited guest speaker and has appeared on many magazines as the cover page stories.

She has received numerous national and international recognitions for her contribution to post- secondary education including 2018-19 Global Cyber Startup Observatory Cyber Hall of Fame Canada, France and US Slides, 2020 Global Award, Women in Cybersecurity and 2020 Global Award, Women Who Work.

Publications/Articles: Aristocrat R., (1995) Adult Learner Back in Classroom. Ottawa. Aristocrat R., Wilson K., (2000) Building a Canadian e-Learning Model, a private training perspective.

Personal Philosophy: “ We as human beings are merely travelers between birth and death, marks we choose to leave along the journey, are up to us.” Aristocrat Rima (1991)

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