Rick Moroz

Rick Moroz holds a distinctive blend of expertise in cybersecurity and sustainable business practices, showcased by his roles at the University of Guelph. He is the Managing Director at the Canada Cyber Foundry (CCF), a research institution at the University of Guelph dedicated to advancing cybersecurity innovations and solutions, and also serves as the Manager of the Cyber Security Program and Operations for the Master of Cybersecurity and Threat Intelligence (MCTI). Rick’s experience includes an MBA from the University of Guelph, focused on sustainability and corporate social responsibility, aligning perfectly with the evolving demands of corporate governance in the digital age.

The CCF supports cybersecurity startups and SMEs, enhancing Canada’s cybersecurity infrastructure while embedding sustainability into its core operations, advancing responsible and secure business practices. His work includes securing substantial funding for research and fostering a robust environment for innovation through partnerships with industry leaders.

Rick collaborates closely with Dr. Ali Dehghantanha, the Canada Research Chair in Cybersecurity and Threat Intelligence and founding director of both the MCTI program and the Canada Cyber Foundry. Additionally, he works in partnership with key faculty members across various departments at the University of Guelph that are affiliated with the CCF. Together, they work to ensure Cyber Security Program addresses the latest technological advancements and meets industry needs while emphasizing ethical considerations and the protection of digital assets. This broad collaborative effort is crucial in preparing cybersecurity experts capable of integrating security into ESG reporting, thereby enhancing corporate governance and demonstrating a commitment to sustainable and responsible business practices.

Rick’s career is a testament to the impact of integrating cybersecurity insights into corporate governance, enhancing transparency and trust through responsible data management and security practices. His participation in the panel discussion on “Cybersecurity Contributions to ESG Reports: Integrating Security into Corporate Governance” will offer invaluable insights into how cybersecurity can underpin sustainability efforts in today’s interconnected digital world.

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