Mike Berthold

I’m a seasoned Senior Solutions Architect spearheading Okta’s Identity Platform for the Canadian region within our distinguished Presales team. My role encompasses the comprehensive oversight of Okta’s Workforce Identity Cloud and Customer Identity Cloud, seamlessly powered by Auth0. Thrilled to contribute to Okta, an esteemed leader in the Identity Security sector, an organization committed to continuous enhancement and the advancement of this pivotal domain. My fervor lies in perpetually pushing boundaries, aligning seamlessly with the organizational ethos. Collaborating closely with colleagues, my mission is to ensure the fulfillment of customer requirements through optimal solutions. Establishing profound relationships with clients across Canada and the United States, I am unwaveringly available to facilitate successful implementations and ensure the seamless planning, deployment, and ongoing utilization of Okta’s cutting-edge solutions. My extensive credentials include certifications as a CISSP and an Okta Certified Technical Architect. Based out of Montreal with my family, I enjoy reading, cooking, the Habs, gaming, walking, and swimming as often as I can, and spending time with friends and family.

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