Merve Balki

Merve is a Cybersecurity Channel Systems Engineer at Palo Alto Networks where she provides technical expertise and guidance in many partner’s cybersecurity journeys. Her career began in Turkey after graduating from Bsc, Electronics Engineering in 2008. She started working in the Central of Excellence, TAC team with North American customers at Nortel, one of the largest global companies.

After that, she decided to move to Canada in 2010 and joined Cisco Systems. She was passionate about sales and she combined her technical skills with sales to become a Sales Engineer. She covered end to end solutions such as Enterprise Networking, Unified Communications, Security etc. . She discovered the need for cybersecurity as it is very important today for the organizations to protect data from theft and damage as well as preventing breaches in order to continue providing services to their customers without interruption. By seeing how important cybersecurity became in business over the years, she started to specialize in security. Over the years, she continuously invested in herself to develop technical and sales skills while working with partners and customers. She completed many certifications such as CCNA, CCNP, CCDA, CMNA, Firejumper, PSE Strata, PSE SASE etc.

Merve is also happy to give back to the community by encouraging women and girls to pursue engineering and cybersecurity while raising her 2 little daughters.

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