Melanie Anderson

Melanie Anderson’s 20+ year career at the Communications Security Establishment (CSE) has been as colourful as her personal interests. Melanie is currently Executive Director of Cryptographic Security and Systems Development in CSE’s Canadian Centre for Cybersecurity (CCCS), where her team provides cryptographic advice and guidance to partners, including how to prepare for the quantum threat to cryptography. She is passionate about promoting the well-being of women in the workplace, mentoring, and encouraging girls and young women to pursue careers in STEM. Melanie will share an overview of the Canadian Centre for Cybersecurity and some of the pivotal moments in her career. She’ll discuss how music training led her to Computer Science and a career in IT, her advice to women entering the world of cybersecurity, the importance of diversity and why CSE is an ideal workplace for anyone looking to have a career in cybersecurity.

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