Marysol McPherson

Marysol McPherson is the Director General of the Cyber Mission Integration Directorate at the Cyber Centre. She is responsible for leading strategic business transformation and enabling agile decision-making in the context of the complex and the dynamic cyber security ecosystem. This ensures that the Cyber Centre is equipped to meet the future cyber security demands of governments, systems of importance, and Canadians at large.

Marysol started her public service career at Natural Resources Canada in 2006 until she joined the Communication Security Establishment (CSE) in 2012 to support the organisation transferring out of the Department of National Defence and becoming a separate agency.

Since then, Marysol has held various strategic roles that helped advance CSE’s important mission by leveraging her expertise in transformation, program management, business development, and leadership. Starting in 2018, she played a key role in the establishment of the Canadian Center for Cyber Security (Cyber Center) within CSE. She also enabled the expansion and operationalisation of the Cyber Centre following a change in CSE’s mandate in 2019.

Marysol holds an honours bachelor’s degree in Management from the Telfer School of Management at the University of Ottawa.

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