Lela Draganic

Lela is a Senior Information Security Analyst at one of Canada’s largest banks. She is a cyber security and data privacy expert, but prior to transitioning into the world of tech and security, Lela worked for European and U.S. non-profit organizations that focused on peacebuilding and social justice. She loves speaking about cyber security and data privacy and spends her free time trying to make technology and security more accessible to the average user. During her graduate studies at York University in Toronto, she researched how the permanent nature of digital information impacts our modern identity formation. With a background in Political Science, she does her best to point out the important bonds between data, cybersecurity and social justice. Thanks to a dad who was a professional soccer player by the age of 18 Lela had lived in 4 countries, 13 cities, but now calls Toronto home.

Events of the Speaker
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November 8, 2021
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