Kirsten Neumann

At Manulife Bank, headquartered in Ontario, Canada, Kirsten leads a national team of investigative and intelligence personnel, focused on identifying and disrupting criminal threats by developing actionable intelligence leads. Kirsten also continues to drive public-private partnership through intelligence and financial crime indicator development between the private industry including retail, law enforcement, and intelligence service partners globally and at all levels of government. Kirsten has led these discussions in her role as past chair of the Financial Crimes Working Group of the Canadian Bankers Association.

Kirsten has held progressive, senior leadership roles in financial services since leaving law enforcement in 2003. Kirsten is a demonstrated leader and understands how to build, guide, and inspire a team to deliver their maximum potential.

Kirsten Neumann has been an active and dedicated member of the International Association of Financial Crimes Investigators for nearly 20 years, most recently sitting as the International 2nd Vice President, championing for IAFCI international voices to be heard. Kirsten has become a trusted partner within her personal and professional network, mentoring colleagues by providing guidance and connecting industry partners.

Kirsten has a criminology degree and is a recent graduate of the Emerging Leaders in Cybersecurity Initiative, a program dedicated to women executive leaders in Cybersecurity.

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