Kimberly Black

Kimberley Black is a public speaker and an advocate of her #bpositive and Take Your Power Back messages initiated to help others build resilience and promote an end to gender-based violence. Motivated by the overwhelming support received following trauma, she and her husband were inspired to create the Take Your Power Back show to promote the beauty of humanity in times of crisis through the art of dance, storytelling, and music.

Kimberley is a college educator who completed a Master of Arts degree in education through Ontario Tech University. She will begin doctoral studies at OTU this fall. Kimberley is also the founder of Video Resume Academy teaching video communication and video marketing skills to job seekers. For fun, Kimberley is an avid salsa dancer and a lover of all things comedy. In her spare time, she takes Second City comedy writing classes to learn how to add humour to her keynotes and her book, Take Your Power Back, due for release in 2024.

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