Kelly Bissell

Kelly Bissell leads Microsoft’s Services group globally.  He has more than 28 years of Cybersecurity.

Kelly has been working hundreds of clients for 30+ years to help them be compliant and secure.  At Microsoft, the goal is to work with clients and Security Engineering to transform the cyber security market to make the world safer and more secure.  Doing so will drive more product adoption and enhance the Microsoft brand. Work with clients, regulators, and law enforcement to reduce cyber-crime.

Before Microsoft, Kelly led Accenture Security, before that, he built and led Deloitte Cyber Risk Services and held various leadership positions with Arthur Andersen, AT&T, and others.  Kelly has held the role of CIO and CTO of two different companies and CISO for a global bank.

Kelly is involved in several industry and technology groups recently authoring various articles and by-lines in the Wall Street Journal, Financial Executive, USA Today, and many others.

Currently, Kelly is working with national security for several counties in the Five Eyes and NATO.  Kelly is tightly aligned with several cyber and law enforcement agencies around the world.  He is working to secure the nations of Ukraine, Albania, and a few others.

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