Graeme Barrie

Graeme is the President and Founder of Netmechanics which was created to assist small businesses on their cyber security journey. The journey begins with assessments and analyzing their risks and security maturity. That is followed with the development of their cyber security program to help them maintain compliance and gain competitive advantage. The whole process has awareness, training and playbooks woven throughout to translate complex technical issues into simple business risk decisions in order to easily manage the security threats.

Graeme discovered his curiosity for computers at an early age using a Tandy TRS-80 at a public library. That interest turned passion was fueled by his inquisitive nature and the drive to understand how things work. Graeme has been involved in information security and governance of enterprise information technology for over 20 years. His work has taken him across North America, speaking at events, and receiving training from numerous organizations, including the RCMP in operational security. In the current climate, Graeme continues to explore how technology impacts the evolving landscape of the remote workforce.

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