Anne Genge

Anne Genge is CDM 2020 Global Cyber Defense Award Winner – “Most Innovative Woman in Cybersecurity.” She is a Certified Information Privacy Privacy Professional (CIPP/C) with a specialization in healthcare. She also holds certifications for HIPAA Security, and PCI Compliance.

In 2017 she Co-founded Alexio Corporation, now a National and Global Award-winning Cybersecurity firm.

With over 20 years of industry experience, Anne knows the challenges healthcare providers face with technology. As healthcare grows increasingly dependent on the digital environment, cyber-security becomes exponentially more difficult. Healthcare practices need all the same protections as hospitals and large organizations. The problem is that they have much smaller budgets, and little to no access to cybersecurity specialists. This means more education is needed to help healthcare practitioners understand their options.

Anne is genuinely passionate about the need – and urgency – to educate people about protecting their personal information. She works tirelessly to reach out across the healthcare industry and ensure that best practices are established and championed in order to keep patient and healthcare data safe. She has been featured many times by Cyber Defense Magazine, E-Health Radio, The Canadian Dental Association, and others.

“We need to attract not just operational cybersecurity professionals, but strong educators as well. There are many excellent roles for women in cybersecurity but they need to ‘show up’. My job is not just about securing data every day. It’s also about continuing to be visible and accessible to younger ones coming up so they can see themselves in this field. It’s not just the engineers that are needed. Creative and communicative individuals with different viewpoints are what strengthen the industry. STEAM is what we need.”

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