Amit Meltzer

Amit Meltzer is a technology strategist and evangelist, providing consulting services to investors, hi-tech companies, enterprises and government offices.

Born, raised and living in Israel, Mr. Meltzer is an experienced traveler.

Mr. Meltzer consults VCs and investment groups in the fields on cyber security, open source intelligence, information analytics and other technology areas. He consults utilities, banks and transportation corporations on cyber defense, as well as technology and start-up companies on developing products and solutions (IAI-Elta, Elbit, Cyberbit, AGT, UST Global, Iberdrola and others).

Mr. Meltzer sits on half a dozen advisory boards of companies in the cyber security and intelligence sector. He consults additional corporations on cyber resiliency and defense strategies, conducts risk surveys and oversaw several designs of architectures for corporate and national level cyber defense centers in Israel, the U.S. and Singapore.

Mr. Meltzer served for a long time in the intelligence community of the government of Israel. Mr. Meltzer’s last position was of Technology Strategist. In addition, he created and headed a highly successful cross-agency OSINT initiative and launched a multinational technology
cooperation initiative.

Prior to that, Mr. Meltzer held all senior technology positions in the IT division. These positions included: Head of R&D, Chief Architect, Head of IT Infrastructure, CTO, Communications R&D manager, project division manager.

Previous experience includes VP of Technology in Sec2Wireless, defining and leading the development and sales of a multi-factor transaction authentication solution, cosigning 7 patents in the process.

Mr. Meltzer studied Law, Computer Science, Political Science and Strategy and Geomorphology. He holds a master’s degree in Philosophy. He is also an accomplished origami expert.

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