Purple Team

Our mission at siberX is to cultivate innovation, collaboration, and skill development within the cybersecurity community. Through our engaging events, we aim to empower individuals with the knowledge and tools they need to tackle real-world cybersecurity challenges. Our goals include fostering a culture of continuous learning, promoting industry best practices, and building a vibrant community of cybersecurity enthusiasts and professionals.


Purple Team hackathons is where creativity meets cybersecurity. Our hackathons provide a platform for participants to brainstorm, collaborate, and develop innovative solutions to pressing cybersecurity issues. From coding challenges to threat modeling exercises, our hackathons cater to a diverse range of interests and skill levels. Get ready to think outside the box, push your limits, and make a positive impact on the cybersecurity landscape.

Capture the Flag

Purple Teams Capture the Flag (CTF) competitions test skills in a simulated environment, where you face a series of challenges designed to mimic real-world cybersecurity scenarios. Whether you’re a seasoned cybersecurity expert or a beginner looking to sharpen your skills, our CTF events offer a thrilling opportunity to learn, collaborate, and showcase your talent.

Tabletop Games

Explore the strategic side of cybersecurity with our tabletop games. These interactive simulations immerse participants in hypothetical cybersecurity scenarios, where they’ll navigate complex challenges and make critical decisions to protect their virtual assets. Whether you’re leading a cybersecurity team or honing your incident response skills, our tabletop games offer a fun and immersive way to learn valuable lessons in risk management, communication, and decision-making.

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