The cyberXchange series was launched in celebration of the upcoming Canadian Women in Cybersecurity conference. An exchange of ideas between cybersecurity experts and enthusiasts, through bi-weekly podcasts, the team at siberX hosts conversations on topics that are timely and essential to the Canadian, North American and global contexts. From the siberX advisory boards to Fortune 500 executives, academic leaders to government heads, enjoy the siberX podcast series, cyberXchange. For topic suggestions, guest suggestions, or to provide feedback, please send an email to [email protected].

Episode 1: Women in Cybersecurity

Catch us in conversation with Sherry Rumbolt and Cat Coode on this inaugural podcast.

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Episode 2: Top Defensive Strategies for 2020

Listen to Cat, Dominic, Rushmi, and Sherry talk about Top Defensive Strategies for 2020.

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Episode 3: What Companies Think They Know About Cybersecurity…But Actually Don’t