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Chief Cybersecurity Advisor
Chief Cybersecurity Advisor at Microsoft
Cybersecurity Trainer
Cybersecurity Trainer at Youth Employment Services
Director, Privacy, Risk and Information Security Management
Director, Privacy, Risk and Information Security Management at Ontario Health
Senior Managing Consultant
Senior Managing Consultant at IBM Security
Co-Founder at Arc Compute Ltd.
Manager, Application Services
Manager, Application Services at City of Richmond Hill
CEO at GroundLevel Insights
Senior Cyber Risk Consultant
Senior Cyber Risk Consultant at CDW Canada
Cyber Defense Trainer
Cyber Defense Trainer at Secure Communications and Control Experts
Head of Security Governance and Compliance
Head of Security Governance and Compliance at CDW Canada
Professor and Researcher
Professor and Researcher at Durham College
Co-Founder and Lead Instructor
Co-Founder and Lead Instructor at Cyber Insurance Education Inc.
President and Founder
President and Founder at Netmechanics
Sr. Product Security Architect
Sr. Product Security Architect at SAP
Director of Information Security
Director of Information Security at Thompson Rivers University
VP of IT
VP of IT at DUCA Financial
CIO at Electrical Safety Authority
Professional Services Security Lead
Professional Services Security Lead at AWS Canada
CIO at Electrical Safety Authority
CEO & Co-Founder
CEO & Co-Founder at BlokSec Technologies
Senior Information Security Analyst
Senior Information Security Analyst at TD
Chief Information Officer
Chief Information Officer at Laurentian University
Vice President Information Technology
Vice President Information Technology at Enova Power Corp
Director Cybersecurity & GRC
Director Cybersecurity & GRC at Allstate
Director of Enterprise Risk Management
Director of Enterprise Risk Management at UBC
Principal at Ritesh Kotak Consulting
Founder at WiCSP
Cyber Security Consultant
Cyber Security Consultant at Honeywell
Business Information Security Officer
Business Information Security Officer at TD
Director of Solution Architecture
Director of Solution Architecture at Perimeter 81
CEO at Talisman Security Inc
Director of Cyber Security Operations
Director of Cyber Security Operations at Scotiabank
  • With organizations collaborating on different services and use cases, federated access becomes increasingly complex to manage on the cloud. What innovative, scalable solution can your team provide that covers all areas of risk and compliance?

  • Intelligence sharing is necessary to build proactive resilience across a variety of sectors. But how do you ensure that intelligence is gathered effectively and shared in actionable formats? Where does your solution excel and how can you power cross sector intelligence gathering and sharing?

  • As 24x7 monitoring and data collection become the norm across multiple sectors, what are some of the best practices to secure, protect and recover multiple VMs and data lakes in your production environment? How can you assist a centralized IT team with a configurable and manageable solution?

  • While most SOCs rely on a series of automated software and program, the realities of alert fatigue are commonly known. How can you optimize your SOC by enhancing analyst behaviour? You are invited to present how your solution can help security leaders with supporting their SOC team and enhancing their output and performance.

  • While firewalls are important to monitoring and securing your network, the hyper hybrid model will present new challenges. From insider threats to incorrectly provisioned solutions, how has your product evolved to meet the needs of the shifting network perimeter?

  • With an ever increasing risk landscape, how should organizations rate and evaluate risk? As organizations continue to face budgetary pressures, are some threats left with limited defenses?

  • With hybrid work environments and multiple devices, should organizations expect users and employees to protect their own devices? What are some best practices to get end users more access to security tools.

  • Beyond keeping staff aware about the potential of cyber threats, what are some innovative techniques to provide hands-on practical trainings. What is the next evolution in awareness programming and how can organizations embed these programs within existing workflows?

  • In the event of a cyber attack, critical infrastructure providers have multiple business domains to address - what are some best practices and can citizens be involved in developing stronger resilience and responses to an attack.

  • How important is attribution to your threat intelligence activities? We invite you to discuss the importance of calling our the bad actors and discuss the overall implications

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