Advanced Penetration Testing (APT/LPT)

Advanced Penetration Testing (APT/LPT)




APT (Advanced Penetration Testing) leading to LPT (The Licensed Penetration Tester (Master)Credential– LPT(Master) In the Advanced Penetration Testing Course, you are presented with minimal network information along with a Scope of Work (SOW). The course was created to provide you with advanced concepts that will help when it comes to attempting the LPT (Master) Certification exam. The last module of the course includes an SOW for each of the various networks we have created for the course. This, combined with the composition of various ranges, mimics a professional penetration test. Time is limited and you will be required to identify the attack surface followed by the weaknesses of the machines that are on the network. The LPT (Master) credential is developed in collaboration with SMEs and practitioners around the world after a thorough job role, job task, and skills-gap analysis. The LPT (Master) practical exam is the capstone to EC-Council’s entire information security track, right from the CEH to the ECSA Program. The LPT (Master) exam covers the skill-sets, technical analysis and report writing, required to be a true professional penetration tester.

  • Pre-requisites: ECSA
  • Course Length: 48 hours
  • Test Delivery: LPT exam is live online, fully proctored, with 3 levels and 9 challenges over a period of 18 hours.


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